About Me

Hi, and welcome to my development website! I go by the alias "AceInfinity," on many forums. I'm a technical hobbyist, with a desire and passion to learn. I've been a Microsoft MVP since 2012 awarded for the Visual Basic award, and currently awarded for .NET programming and development in general. In addition to .NET languages such as VB.NET and C#, I also enjoy others including C, C++, basic x86 ASM, Haskell, and Python.

My current job involves automating common audio, video, lighting, and heating equipment and interfacing it with UI devices such as phones, tablets, remotes, and more. I enjoy writing my own software too to control and automate devices that have some methods of control, whether it's over the network (IP), serial (RS-232), or even IR. Creativity and imagination can do some cool things!

I host a technology website along with another helper (KoBE), and it has been a great opportunity to both share knowledge, and learn from others. I am active on many forums however; I try to use as many resources and online communities as I can to further my learning.